Markus Iro: A first class winery

"We do not want to be the biggest, but the best," says Markus Iro. With this he describes his own winery perfectly. The countless awards speak for themselves. We are proud to represent Markus Iro wines in Switzerland with immediate effect. 

Markus Iro always saw his future on the vineyard where he had grown up. After completing his viticulture school he was drawn to the other end of the world, to New Zealand, then to Germany. In 2006, Iro put his knowledge into practice for the first time with his own red wine collection. In 2011, at the age of 28, he took over the winery.

"That was a great challenge. Before, it was easier to babble in from the background," he says with a laugh. And he continues to joke. "Now I am responsible for every wine. If it's good, that was me. If it's not good, so was I."

Markus Iro is a winemaker through and through. When we reach him on the phone, he is standing, not surprisingly, in the middle of the vineyard for the grape harvest. He cultivates 20 hectares. "For us that is exactly the right size. We have everything in our own hands. And we know for every single wine which path it has taken."

The winery was restructured under Markus Iro. He and his team are pursuing only one goal: top quality. The successes prove him right. 2014 Burgenland Winemaker of the Year. Six gold medals at the Burgenland Wine Awards 2019. The latest wine "Meisterwerk" received 93 points from two renowned magazines at the first go. Falstaff awarded six Iro wines more than 90 points. The list could be extended almost endlessly here.

The wines are practically only available in Austria. "We have never actively looked for distribution partners all over the world. We are not marketing professionals either. We simply want to let the quality speak for itself". He is right, we think. Thanks to the initiative of Marius Ammann, wine consultant at Landolt Weine, Markus Iro now finds his way to Switzerland.