Cà del Magro Custoza Superiore DOC

Cà del Magro Custoza Superiore DOC
Monte del Frà

OriginItaly, Veneto
Grapes Garganega, Trebbiano, Tocai, Cortese, Chardonnay
ProducerMonte del Frà
Agingpartly barrel-aged
ABV13 %
Best before2 - 5 years after harvest
Temperature10 - 12 °C
Product number2420718
Packaging6 bottle boxes
Wine description as a PDF file
75 cl
instead 16.50 CHF 13.50
  • Tasting nodes
    White wines from Northern Italy, made of Trebbiano, Tocai, Pinot grigio etc., are lean, refreshing and at their best when they are young. Making fine aperitifs, they also go well with many starters and with sushi.

  • Monte del Frà
    Monte del Frà wine farm is located in the heart of the Custoza area, on the east side of Garda Lake and only 15 Km away from the centre of Verona. It was founded by the brothers Eligio and Claudio Bonomo in 1958. The firm today owns 100 hectareas circa, amongst these are a part from the Monte , other proprieties that take their name from the location where they are situated such as: Cà del Magro, Monte Godi, Mascarpine, Staffalo, Monte Fitti, Grottino. Others hectareas are worked on lease, everyone located in the best zones of Verona. The oenological passion of Bonomo s family was born in the country: their conviction is that optimum wine finds in primis its origin in the vineyard, making them nature s first choice, increasing the number of vineyards per field (the number depends on the variety from 4000 to 7000 vinestock per hectarea) and choosing as a training - system only double guyot and cordon - trained (these systems force a production of maximum 2 - 3 Kg per plant). All the vineyards are completely irrigated through a drop irrigation - system so that the plant can be fed well every season. The preservation vintage characteristics are then guarantee in the wine farm where, through temperature control, both in the pressing and during the fermentation, and also in the transformation of the musts, optimally saves the characteristics of each wine produced. Moreover the wine farm owns a fruit - keeping area for the production of raisin wine, a magnificent barrel - keeping facility, an installation for the bottling and storage area kept at an even temperature. Thanks to the attention that the family pay in every step of the production, the wines become popular on National, European and International markets, chosen to be amongst the most representative of veronese typicalness. In addition to the important approval of the customer, the wines find quality confirmation in the manifold appreciation from critics, competitions and wine guides, that annually come from all parts of the world.

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