Watter Riesling-Sylvaner

Watter Riesling-Sylvaner
AOC Zürich

OriginSwitzerland, Canton Zurich
Grapes Riesling - Sylvaner (Müller - Thurgau)
ProducerWatter Weine am Katzensee, Watt
Agingstainless steel tank
ABV11.5 %
Best before1 - 3 years after harvest
Temperature12 - 14 °C
Product number1890052
Packaging15 bottle boxes
Wine description as a PDF file
50 cl
CHF 7.70
  • Tasting nodes
    Wonderful floral aromas, hints of citrus fruit and a lively acidity - thus are the typical characteristics of Riesling x Silvaner. Crossed by H. Müller from Thurgau while he was working in Geisenheim, this variety was selected and widely spread by the research station Wädenswil. Genome analysis proved that Dr. Müller crossed the varieties Riesling and Chasselas instead of Riesling and Silvaner.

  • Watter Weine am Katzensee, Watt
    For several decades the association has been cultivating the Watt community their grapes in the vineyard of Watt (mun icipality of Regensdorf) near Katzensee and let from there p ress the finest wine. The Riesling-Sylvaner, Dornfelder and Pinot Noir will be produced by Landolt Weine AG to the fine st wines. Since 1977 the area of the two Katzenseen under p rotection the vineyard is listed in the federal inventory of the Landscapes and natural monuments of national importanc e listed. In this year also the vine house in the Front-lin e service created.

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