Château l'Ermitage

OriginSaint-Gilles, Frankreich

Château l Ermitage was in the XIth century in the possession of the Ermites of the ancient Sainte Cécile d Estagel s Abbaye, a step in the Saint Jacques de Compostelle s pilgrimage. The first cellar was built in 1800 near the old Ermitage and its well. For about thirty years, Michel and Jérôme Castillon have been growing and vinifying the 80 hectares vineyard. Château l Ermitage harvests and vinifies 4000 hl in A.O.C. Costières de N mes . This production is a result of parcellar selection which combines terroirs, grapes varieties, control of the yields such as the quality of the grapes. The vinification tanks improve this selection. De-stalking, pumping-over, control of the temperatures in every storage areas and above all the family Know-How are the quality tools of the Château l Ermitage wines.