OriginLecce, Italien

Landolt has been working since 1989 with Cantele and sells its wines exclusively in Switzerland The Cantele story begins, not in Puglia, but in the heads and hearts of a family from northern Italy. Towards the end of the nineteen fifties, Giovanni Battista Cantele and his wife Teresa Manara, had the vision to choose the distant Salento Peninsula as the ideal location for their family project. The story continues with the intense involvement of their sons Augusto and Domenico with the Salento itself. This lead them to the rediscovery and re-evaluation of such historic grape varieties as Primitivo and Negroamaro, as well as successful experim entation with several international varieties - which proved capable of flourishing in this environment. Their continuing assionate belief in the special qualities of the area led to the planting of what now amount to around thirty hectare s of vineyard, as well as the construction of a splendid new winery complex. This was designed to follow the raditional proportions and aesthetics of a traditional Salento Masseria , and wine can mature here at leisure in the over eight hundred French Barriques. The story comes right up to date with the first generation of the family to be born in Salento; Gianni, Paolo,Umberto and Luisa, who are driven by the same love and respect for the land which first hosted and fina lly adopted their fathers.