Trullo di Pezza

OriginTorricella, Italien

The Masseria Trullo di Pezza is located near the town of Taranto / Apulia. On the 100-hectare estate you will find some of the well-known trulli in addition to vines and olive trees. The biologically certified vineyards of the Masseria aresurrounded by 500-year-old dry walls. The winery has been owned by the Licaita family since the 1990s. They decided to invest in modern cellar technology a few years ago. The family has always been convinced by the quality of the grapes, but the result even exceeded their expectations. Primitivo is cultivated throughout Apulia, but in the zone around Manduria at the heel of the boot, it produces the best qualities. At the Swiss Wine Market the products from Manduria are very popular. Wines that meet the taste of private lovers, but are also recommended in restaurants.