Stina Jako Vino d.o.o.

OriginBol, Kroatien

STINA project, as one of the most comprehensive wine projects in Croatia, began in 2009, when the company Jako vino d.o.o., owned by Mr Jako Andabak, leased a cellar from the Agricultural Cooperative of Bol in a town bearing the same name. Immediately after the takeover of the cellar, its complete reconstruction and technological equipping started. Today we have a cellar at a very attractive location, the Bol waterfront, with one of the most contemporary designs and equipment in Croatia. Apart from the standard and contemporarily equipped grape processing and wine aging space, the cellar also has a superbly designed space for wine tasting and sale. Bol, as a first- rate tourist destination, has been missing this type of space for years. In the past four years, the cellar has considerably contributed to the promotion of Croatian wines in the world.