Mythos rosé VdP Suisse

Mythos rosé VdP Suisse
Landolt Weine

OriginSwitzerland, Swiss
Grapes Assemblage aus lokalen Traubensorten
ProducerMythos Landolt Weine
Agingstainless steel tank
ABV12 %
Best before1 - 3 years after harvest
Temperature8 - 10 °C
Product number4616719
Packaging6 bottle boxes
Wine description as a PDF file
75 cl
CHF 15.00
  • Tasting nodes
    Pinot noir is considered to be one of the noblest grape varietals. It grows on all continents in many different styles depending on the soils, the climates and the way it is made. This Pinot noir is a classical Swiss country wine: Rather light in colour, very fruity, with mild tannins and easy to drink. Served at a cool temperature, it will be a fine match for all kinds of summer dishes as well as for veal roasts and quiche.

  • Mythos Landolt Weine
    Mythos is the result of a project by winemakers from Landolt Weine in Zürich. A Swiss-German wine from our own vineyards, which is made up of different varieties so that it is dark, aromatic and balanced and easy to drink. A passepartout that makes you happy!

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