Markus Iro

OriginGols, Österreich

In Austria, Markus Iro from Gols has already secured a fixed place among the best winegrowers of the region. In the Neusiedlersee DAC region, the young winemaker, who only took over his parents winery in 2011, cultivates national and international grape varieties on around 20 hectares. He attractsattention with his precise feeling for the individual grapevarieties. Not only consumers, but also the trade press appreciates his intuition and his feeling for wine and regularly testifies to the quality of his daily work: Among other things Markus Iro is already Falstaff Red Wine Grand Prix winner in the category Cuvée, several times in the top 3 of the Falstaff Red Wine Awards, Winemaker of the Year 2014, two times national winner, six times state winner and his wines are continuously awarded with high point ratings. With a playful approach, the father of two kids knows how to bring out the typical character of each grape variety and to create pure and clean wines to create unmistakable wines. That he is able to express his passion and curiosity for that working with wine would become his profession, was always clear to him. To successfu l attendance of the viticulture school was followedby practi cal experience in Germany and New Zealand, to finally presen t his first own wine collection in 2006 and only five years later to manage the family winery himself.