Albert Mathier & Söhne

OriginSalgesch, Schweiz

While the world economy was practically driven to a halt in 1928, one family decided to defy this situation and started to dig up fallow land and cultivate it with vines. By founding his own wine business, Albert Mathier thus set the milestone for the history of the family Mathier and their red wine metropolis situated in Salgesch. Today the wine business of A. Mathier and Sons is a small family business, which devotes itself to satisfying every wish of a wine epicure. During all those years a lot of experience has been gathered and a tradition built up. An extensive wine infrastructure ensures that the highest standards of wine processing are provided. Alwin and Martin look after the wines, Peter is responsible for the deliveries and Amédée manages the business. The wine family Albert Mathier & Sons own 30ha. of land growing over 300 000 vines. The wine processing is done entirely by the family business. Starting from the vine tending and ending with the delivery of the bottled quality wines.

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