Château de Châtagneréaz

OriginMont-sur-Rolle, Schweiz

In the heart of Mont-sur-Rolle extends the magnificent vineyard of the Château de Châtagneréaz. Here, the first mention of viticulture goes back to the year 996, while the oldest traces of the castle go back to 1177. Châtagneréaz can be compared to a Château des Bordelais: famous wines, but not architecturally significant. The 14 hectares of estate owned by Weinhaus Schenk are among the best-exposed vineyards in the entire La Côte. The wines are vinified in large oak barrels (feet) in the impressive cellar of the castle. On the ceiling there are the signatures of the winemakers and coopers drawn by candlesruss, some of which date back to the beginning of the 19th century and testify to the rich history of the winery.