Château Maison Blanche

OriginYvorne, Schweiz

In 1573, lord Antoine von Erlach and his brother Borckhardt had the White House (Maison Blanche) built outside the village of Yvorne. A devastating Bergsturtz in 1584 made many locals flee to escape poverty. In 1609, the Maison Blanche rebuilt, with reinforced walls and a new roof. Around 1750 the estate was acquired by Frédéric Würstenberger, then governor of Aigle, the small neighboring town. The estate remains in the possession of his family until the end of the 18th century. 100 years later, the Maison Blanche is renamed Château Maison Blanche, after a bell tower and a keep have been added. In the 1930s, the winemaker families Rosset and Schenk purchased the castle from Rolle and turned it into a winery.For more than 400 years, Château Maison Blanche has been the symbol of the Yvorne vineyards, for its beauty, its eventful history and its magic.