Gents Swiss Roots Tonic Water was created in 2012 by the Zurich startup Gents GmbH and launched on the market. Founder Hans Georg Hildebrandt, previously editor-in-chief of the design magazines Das Ideale Heim and Atrium and journalist at the Zürcher SonntagsZeitung , is a passionate foodie and had been following in the years before, as the revival of the Gin & Tonic is gaining momentum won.Gents Swiss Roots Tonic Water contains Swiss beet sugar instead of corn glucose syrup, lemon flavor derived from Sicilian lemons in Switzerland, for Tonic Waters classic quinine from China bark and extract from Yellow Gentian (the name-giving Gentiana Lutea). The extract is extracted from the roots of Enzian, which thrives in the Swiss Jura and is obtained there with special permission.